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This is our story or we might call it our lyrics for the song of our life.

RokNRol Farm is a small farm in Bogor area. We grow organic, nutrient-dense vegetables for a CSA and local restaurants.


Jeffri and Indira started the farm very recently on early 2020 after few years in home gardening, growing vegetables for our family consumptions. After Jeffri turn Vegan in 2019, the journey for understanding where our food and vegetables comes from become a serious quest for both of us. Since Indira love to cook, learning more about food and vegetables has turn the quest into a tasty journey for us as a family.


We started the farm on converting our family owned land used to be family villa and from there our dream got bigger and bigger, one thing led to another we end up renting another small land and purchasing a small land for our customers.

But neither of us grew up farming, we are a husband and wife with 9-5 jobs, working in a big city with a dream and passion to start farming, so why do even bother to buy food and vegetables from us? Because we started out farming not for profit but for the love and enjoyment for farming and producing high quality healthy food.


Protecting nature and environment has one of key values within our families, thus led us to find ways of farming that we believe not only producing organic vegetables but also more sustainable and preserving the nature, that’s why Regenerative Agriculture is one of key practice on farming here at RokNRol Farm.


Our long terms mission is to inspire our farmers communities and create awareness for people to be more conscious on what they eat, where their food comes from and that our choice of food not only impacting our health but also for the planet.

We dream someday, there will be many small regenerative farming in Indonesia that promote ecological agriculture for the betterment of us and our planet. And we hope someday this will be our legacy that we can passed on to our children and their children long after we gone.

So you wondering where the name RokNRol comes from? Its represent our passion for music’s, skateboarding, surfing, our independent and adventurous spirit. RokNRol represent the spirit of learning, DIY, making mistake and having fun along the way.

Hopefully the name RokNRol able to shift conventional mindset that farming can be something cool, fun, and adventerous especially for younger generation, to breed for next generation of farmers.



We believe that farming doesn't have to be boring and serious. We like to do farming that we think its best to our farm. We make mistakes, we learn, we try and most importantly we continue to have fun and smile, keep on RokNRol


Farming is all about experiment and learning, what better ways of learning then having open minded and flexible attitude? While we take farming process very casually, we took the quality of what we produce very seriously.


We continually strive to do more with less.
It is our responsibility to create a fiscally stable and environmentally sustainable agribusiness.
In conjunction with managing financial risk, we endeavour to reduce our company’s ecological footprint and serve as better stewards for the environment that serves us all.


We are committed to making sure that our operations have an inclusive and positive impact on the local community.
By actively involving local communities in our resource, livelihood programmes, and joint-income generating projects, we hope to create a brighter and more sustainable future for agri-business.


It take a whole farmer to raise a chicken. That's why we believe that to make great impact it a full collaboration from farmers, consumers and community.

Organic Carrots


Meet the team

RokNRol Farm wouldn’t be here and starting on this journey without our incredible team. We come from different background but share the same common goals toward sustainability and share values to the communities.

Learn more about our team below.



Founder & CEO

Being in love with nature since young age, the path of nature finally bring Jeffri Ricardo to established RokNRol Farm and its Familia. The love for nature turn him into vegan and adopting whole food plant based diet. Addicted to adventure and outdoor life such as trail running, surfing, cycling, and diving continue to inspire him to find ways to protect the nature.



Founder & Farm Chef

Passionate for cooking and good food has lead Indira on a journey to provide her own high quality food source. Inspired to share her passion, now she is leading our Farm kitchen where we build awareness toward healthy food and living started from the plate.


Fikri Sugada

Farm Production Manager

Fikri or Opik is a younger brother of Mang Dacim. After working on several job, he decided to go back to his village to dedicate his time to build and grow his local community. He officially join our team since 2022 as he see that through regenerative agriculture, He can help transform mostly unproductive land in His village into productive and yet conserving the soil and the environment



Farm Operation Manager

Asep Dacim has been a farmer for more than 2 decades, as local native that born and raised among conventional farmers, Dacim farming heavily relying on chemical fertilizer, chemical pesticide and middle man. Encourage to make better life for him and his community, Dacim is a vital role within RokNRol Farm as a living role model how turning into Regenerative Agriculture is do-able.


We consider our self as a small farm, and like any small enterprises this gives us agility to adopt and work with various condition to achieve our goals.

We farm by hand, without a tractor, because we like keeping our feet on the ground, and it allows us to focus on growing the highest quality produce we can.


We spend our free time cooking, we grow vegetable varieties that are known for great flavor. When harvesting we always prioritise taste, freshness, and nutrition. We want you and your family to eat well.


Regenerative Agriculture

We believe that conventional organic farming is not enough. We preferred to use the term "Regenerative Agriculture",  where the focus is not to produce organic vegetables but our main goals is to build healthy soils and healthy ecosystem. High quality organic vegetables is a byproduct from healthy soils and ecosystem.To build healthy soil that supports healthy plants and nutrient-dense food, we do not till and not using a tractor on our farms.



We believe, us as a human have the power to design and shape our surrounding. Permaculture thought us the key principle how to design our land and farm to work accordance with the nature rather than against it, how to make our farm productive and sustainable in a less input for higher outputs.

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